Shashank Prasanna

Hi! 👋🏽 I’m a multi-disciplinary engineer and technology educator. I’m passionate about statistics, machine learning, numerical optimization, non-linear dynamical systems, high-performance computing and specialized machine learning infrastructure and hardware.

Education 🎓

I have an MS in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University, where I specialized in Control Theory and Non-linear Dynamics. My graduate research was advised by Dr. Leon Iasemidis. In my thesis titled Directional Information Flow and Applications I discussed the application of transfer entropy (a model-free, information theoretic measure) to the detection of epileptogenic focus in the brain (origin of epileptic seizures).

Work 👨🏽‍💻

Currently I work as a Developer Advocate at AWS, where I focus on educating developers and data scientists on topics of machine learning algorithms, open-source frameworks, distributed machine learning and machine learning hardware (GPUs, AI accelerators). I’ve previously worked at MathWorks (makers of MATLAB & Simulink) and NVIDIA in roles ranging from software developer to product management and product marketing. I find most joy in educating and I put a lot of my energy in content creation and story telling.

Not Work 🏃🏽

I’m a recreational runner and a coffee☕️ connoisseur. I love experimenting with coffee beans and brewing apparatus from around the world!

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